In His Shoes…

“Imagine yourself in the following scenario:

Having reached the age to live on your own, you left your home in search of a new one. The foremost task is to find a food source. You found one. Next, you found a neat little cozy home nearby and started your own family by mating with a suitable partner. You were contented, but have apprehension concerning the vast unknown that stretched beyond your little world of your home and food source. Sometimes you see those giants wandering, not paying you any attention. After some time, you realize that you won’t bother them as long as you don’t trespass their territory.


But what is life if not unpredictable? One day, during the hunt, you slipped and fell right into the giant’s territory. You weren’t aware what injuries you sustained, but you were enduring a tremendous amount of pain and weren’t able to move. Your home was within sight, but you couldn’t reach it. Now as you lie there, on noticing you, a giant shouted a war cry and stepped back as if getting ready to pounce on you. Soon a commotion started and more giants gathered. One of them advanced towards you with a peculiar looking weapon. You uttered your final prayers.

But then what is life if not unpredictable? The giant pushed you on to a big….ramp, for the lack of better word. Then it took you away from your home and dumped you into an abysmal pit. You cannot move and you were trapped in this pitch dark place with no way to return to home, even if you were sure in which direction it was. Although you had fed, you could sense the pang of hunger which your kin will experience in not much time. You were very much worried for your family waiting for you, ignorant of what had transpired.

Now, tell me how you feel.”

He sighed. “What do you want me to do?” he said irritably. “I refrained from killing the bloody lizard on your say so. Now you don’t want me to throw it out of the house. Do you want to breed a big family of lizards in our house? Anyway, it’s not moving. So, give me a break.”

“I’m not asking you to do anything more,” she said in a letdown voice. “I’m only asking you to put yourself in his shoes,” she mumbled and left the room.